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About Nations Translation Group Inc.

Established in 1992, Nations Translation Group Inc., (formerly Masha Krupp Translation Group Ltd.) has been the leading provider of quality, professional translation services in Canada providing translations in over 95 official languages, foreign languages and Indigenous languages.  Our superior service, responsiveness and speed has been a hallmark of NTG-GTN since its inception.

NTN-GNT specializes in a wide variety of subject areas and document types, spanning the public sector and private sector in various industries.  More than 100 government and private-sector clients have come to rely on our highest quality translations.  Nations Translation Group is the trusted translator for the annual Federal Budget.

In 2019, we became Nations Translation Group Inc. (NTG-GTN), a First Nations-owned company and is a certified Indigenous business by the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB). We provide translation in numerous Indigenous languages spanning traditional territories across Canada.

Website: www.nationstranslation.com


Contact Name: Elizabeth Blonde
Job Title: Bid Response Manager
Email Address: procurement@nationstranslation.com
Phone Number: 613-820-4566


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