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About Migizi Ventures Ltd

Migizi Ventures is a mechanical contracting company and fully operational shop serving Northwestern Ontario since 2005.

Migizi Ventures has been called upon to do work for the forestry industry, energy power dams for H2O,

and City of Kenora infrastructure. We also do building construction and provide camp management services for the cottage industry on Lake of the Woods.

As we expand our business and become more involved with research and knowledge of manufactured goods we would like to enter the procurement of goods and services sector for North Western Ontario and remote first nations.

Please check our file as supplier of Ecoraster ground reinforcement for North Western Ontario.

Migizi Ventures is a First Nations company wholly owned and operated by Dean Jeffrey.


Contact Name: Dean Jeffrey
Job Title: President
Email Address: migizi.dean@gmail.com
Phone Number: 8074071563


Billing Address
Box 418
kenora, Ontario