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About Lawson Consulting & Surveying Ltd.

Lawson is a leading consulting and surveying company. We go further into remote locations, working accurately and efficiently while maintaining a high level of safety. Throughout our history, we have successfully gathered the data needed and provided the information and guidance required, no matter the location or level of difficulty presented in each project. Our experience delivering a wide range of services across a diverse series of projects ensures we will provide the accurate and professional results that our clients expect. Lawson is the partner to trust to achieve project goals and total client satisfaction.

Lawson is in the business of documenting location. We provide our clients the precise elevation and coordinate information they require to complete their projects. We offer a wide variety of unique services to ensure we collect accurate data through a comprehensive range of survey methods including:
• Topographic Surveys
• Aerial Surveys using UAVs
• Construction Layout Surveys
• Borehole and Pile Layout
• As-built Surveys
• Stockpile Measurements and Volumetric Calculations
• Site Inspection
• CAD Drafting and Drawing Creation
• Machine Control
• 3D Scanning
• GIS Data Collection

Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, our skilled and experienced staff follow rigorous policies and procedures to ensure data is collected accurately, safely, and in a timely manner with exceptional consistency.

We recruit energetic and motivated staff dedicated to delivering the utmost value to our clients by efficiently performing accurate surveys and providing timely professional results.

Embracing the continuous advancements in our field is essential to delivering the highest value service to our clients. Lawson has made it a priority to be at the leading edge of our industry, employing the most up-to-date equipment and advanced software solutions. We maintain an inventory of GNSS systems, the latest in UAV technology, robotic total stations and digital and laser levels to enable our surveyors to collect data quickly and reliably.

We have developed comprehensive quality assurance and quality control procedures to ensure our staff consistently collect accurate data. We also have extensive safety policies and procedures to ensure our staff work in a safe and efficient manner in any environment. We are COR™ certified and maintain the necessary insurance to work on projects of all sizes and scope.

Our surveyors have the right vehicles to access your project location. We maintain a fleet of 4×4 trucks, hard and soft bottom boats, and off-road vehicles such as UTVs, ATVs and snowmobiles. Additionally, our staff are experienced in working from both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters.

Our skilled staff, state-of-the-art equipment, vehicles and company policies and procedures ensure projects are completed accurately and efficiently, delivering true value to our clients.


Contact Name: Andrew Lawson
Job Title: President & CEO
Email Address: alawson@lawsonsurveys.com
Phone Number: (204) 414-3169


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