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Helping Build Bridges to Indigenous Communities

Effectively Reach, Communicate, and Advertise to Canadian Indigenous Peoples

Since 1999, Indigenous Link has been completely focused on developing tools to communicate with First Nations, Inuit, and Metis groups across Canada. We have developed a unique and diverse suite of measurable communication tools with a proven-track record of engaging Indigenous Leaders, Decision-Makers, and Community Members for many of Canada’s largest Corporations and Government departments.

Indigenous Link® builds awareness and community presence for our partners through various proprietary Community Outreach engagement tools. We use Direct Communications to place our partners materials directly into 28,000 Indigenous Offices, both on and off reserve, using ‘preferred’ communications. Preferred communications are a combination of direct mail, direct email, and direct facsimile based on the recipient’s preference.

Delivering materials directly into Indigenous offices where individuals work, live, learn, and play builds a community presence, establishes credibility and enhances brand awareness. We also target Indigenous individuals through an ‘opt-in’ database of more than 20,000 e-Subscribers, Social Media connectors including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and a network of Aboriginal focused websites.

Engagement Solutions

Indigenous Link has identified several areas where organizations have gaps that present significant opportunities for Indigenous engagement and has designed specific programs to fill those needs:

1. Education – This annual post-secondary student recruitment program reaches out to Indigenous Leadership, Educators, Decision-Makers, Program Directors, and Indigenous Youth. In addition to attracting students and generating revenue, the program assists institutions in meeting their student diversity requirements which may impact program funding.

2. Employment – The program provides employers tools that target the underrepresented Indigenous job seeker. Employers that are building a diverse and inclusive representative workforce, trying to meet employment equity reporting, satisfying government advertising requirements, or have a need to establish strong Indigenous community relations will all benefit from this program.

3. Events – This comprehensive program encourages Indigenous delegates to attend events, conferences, training, or workshops. Add-on modules are available to simply registration, check-in, and event management.

4. News Wire – Instant delivery of emergency notices, public announcements, bulletins, or press releases to one or more of our dozens of news-wire feeds including; Indigenous Leadership, Media, Educators, Healthcare Providers, Law Enforcement Agencies, or Federal, Provincial, and Municipal Governments. Detailed ‘news-wire’ proof-of-delivery reporting to support legislated and judicial requirements is available

5. Scholarship – The program encourages individuals to submit applications for specific scholarships and bursaries. This unique program reaches the widest possible audience of Indigenous leaders, decision-makers, parents, students, and community members across Canada increasing ‘Corporate Brand’ awareness and maximizing applications. In addition to the program promotion, add-on modules are available to fully manage applications and selection process.

6. Surveys, Focus Groups, and Pilots – This highly customizable program can be configured to support an ‘all-inclusive’ or ‘promo􀆟on-only’ solution for organizations and government departments with a requirement to sample opinions from Indigenous individuals.

7. Inclusion Training – Our 90-minute online, fully interactive workshop(s) can accommodate up to 100 attendees and provides a fundamental understanding of Indigenous history and culture by exploring practical strategies that will allow you to create an inclusive workplace. Topics include a variety of strategies designed to help you recruit and retain Indigenous employees.

8. Professional Services

• Strategic Planning

• Campaign and Metric Development

• Application, Database, and Web Development

• Copy Writing

• Language Translation

• Creative Services

• Literature Fulfillment

• Order Processing


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