IND-Genuity Chartered Professional Accountants

Manitoba || Ontario
Accounting Firm

About IND-Genuity Chartered Professional Accountants

IND-Genuity is a full-service outsource accounting firm with a registered office in Ottawa, Ontario. They are Indigenous-owned and operated with Chartered Professional Accountants having more than 20 years of accounting and financial management experience.  They provide bookkeeping, accounting and financial management and planning services.  They lower your overhead costs and reduce your financial risks with effective financial systems and strong, respectful relationships.  They provide affordable fees with a plan in-line with your budget and business size.  They are in business to support your success and build strong, long-term working partnerships.  They are also a social enterprise: a portion of their profits are directed to AFOA Chapters to help Indigenous businesses, non-profit organizations and Indigenous communities achieve their goals.  IND-Genuity is one of the only professional Indigenous accounting firms in Canada and we are here to work with and for you.


Contact Name: Dan Richard
Job Title: Partner
Email Address: dan.richard@ind-genuity.ca
Phone Number: 2048050268


Billing Address

1066 Somerset Street West; c/o AFOA Canada
Ottawa, ON
K1Y4T3, Canada