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Horizon North Logistics Inc.


About Horizon North Logistics Inc.

Our vision begins with an unwavering commitment to excellence in everything we do, with a focus on providing unmatched services to resource development projects. We strive to be the best in the business, to ensure customer satisfaction, and to continuously grow and improve our business in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

To support this vision, we place extraordinary value on health, safety, and environmental policies. We’re adaptable and flexible, always poised to ensure we’re an industry leader in best practices.

Staff training, team work, customer service protocols, and meaningful partnerships are an important part of Horizon’s North’s value system.

As a Camp & Catering full-service company specializing in modular buildings – overseeing the in-house design, manufacturing and operation of remote accommodation.  Our turnkey solutions can provide temporary, permanent, and “open camp” concepts and are available for rental or purchase on a short-term or long-term basis.  With office locations in Kamloops BC, Calgary AB, Edmonton AB, and Grande Prairie AB, our expertise and success are rooted in our people.

We manufacture, set up and service a full range of remote camp and catering services throughout the resource sector; including, hydro, forestry, mining, and oil & gas. From client specific design, to transporting and setting equipment up on remote sites, our people and our efficiencies are the reason we continue to be one of the best providers in this market.

We operate camps from as small as 25 to more than 3,500 people in the Oil & Gas sector. Our logistic success is a result of many years of analysis and continuous improvements, our safety and environmental records are second to none and our ability to work closely with clients, and local Aboriginal communities where we operate all create a truly nimble, fluid and adaptable workforce.

Horizon North is and continues to lead the way in remote workforce accommodation wherever the job requires the best.

Operating throughout the west with current projects operating in the Northern Territories, Cambridge Bay, Inuvik, Fort McMurray, Fox Creek, Dawson City, Fort Liard, Peace River, Cold Lake, Fort Nelson, Dawson Creek, to name just a few.

Working with industry and First Nations partners our working expertise takes us to many locations and sectors throughout the west. Horizon North is continuously looking to improve our relationships with First Nation communities and we a very proud of our ability to foster positive working relationships with multiple groups while maintaining our commitment to excellence and safety.

Horizon North is aware that major projects in which we take part have a significant impact on isolated communities. We actively foster good working relationships in the communities where we operate, many of which are Aboriginal. By understanding local cultures, providing local employment and partnering opportunities, and being sensitive to our impact on the land, we build on successful long-term relationships while serving the growing demand in northern regions.

Horizon North recognizes the importance of building strong relationships with Aboriginal communities in regions where we do business. We strive to involve those communities in business partnerships which provide sustainable economic and employment benefits to them. We believe this partnering strategy enhances our service offerings to our customers and encourages education and economic stability within the Aboriginal communities.

Horizon North recognizes the obligations and requirements outlined in the various land claims and treaties signed by Aboriginal groups. We believe that Aboriginal Rights are to be respected and that Aboriginal peoples are to be given opportunities to participate in and benefit from the activity on their lands. Horizon North strives to maximize appropriate local and Aboriginal participation in its operations. We are a significant employer of Aboriginal peoples, and are committed to supporting training and educational programs to assist young people and local businesses to meet the requirements for employment, safety and environmental excellence. Horizon North will seek to understand and build trust between the company and the communities within which we work. We will create knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal issues through education and partnering with communities where we do business. Horizon North respects the languages, customs, political, social and cultural institutions of Aboriginal people. Horizon North acknowledges and respects the legal rights of First Nations under the Indian Act, The Constitution Act, 1982, and treaties where applicable, as well as the legal rights of the Inuit and Métis peoples. Horizon will not attempt to interfere with these rights or the political and administrative affairs of the communities.



Contact Name: Kevin Reeves
Job Title: Director, Aboriginal Community Relations
Email Address: kreeves@horizonnorth.ca
Phone Number: 403-517-4663
Contact Name: Patrick Hammerschmidt
Job Title: Vice President, Aboriginal Business Development
Email Address: path@horizonnorth.ca
Phone Number: 403-517-4654


Office Address

505 – 3rd Street SW, Suite 1600
Calgary, AB
T2P 3E6, Canada