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Full Bore Contracting Ltd.

Alberta || British Columbia || Yukon
Construction || Oil & Gas || Transportation

About Full Bore Contracting Ltd.

Full Bore Contracting Ltd. provides Horizontal Directional Drilling services to the Oil & Gas and Construction industries. The company is based out of Charlie Lake, BC.

Horizontal Directional Drilling is a method of trenchless installations for pipelines, conduits, culverts etc. This methodology is used to eliminate the need for a surface excavation “ground disturbance” being that conventional ditching/ open excavations can have some significant environmental impacts.

Also, Trenchless installations (HDD) can be more cost effective as well, depending on the formations and terrain at hand on an individual project basis of course. Horizontal Directional Drilling also allows  installations of products into areas that cannot be open excavated like swamps and/or under creeks, mountains, roads, and structures. Finally, Trenchless methods have no surface environmental impacts to manage at later dates meaning no erosion or settling issues.

Full Bore Contracting Ltd. has provided trenchless pipeline installations in Western Canada since 2008 and is owned and operated by Bud Talbot (President) and Dallas Moore (Vice President) who both have 20+ years of oil and gas experience.

Our team of experienced and competent employees, including indigenous and many others are carefully selected, motivated, mentored and trained for excellence in the quality of work, the standard of safety, and the ability to outperform all year round with outstanding reviews upon project completions.

At Full Bore Contracting, Directional Drilling is our passion, and we are committed to completing all tasks safely and efficiently without any adverse side effects to our workers, the community, and/or the environment.

Full Bore owns and operates Various pieces of equipment from crew trucks, pickers, low beds, (trailer and tractor) job vans, water trucks, Reclaimers, Air Hammer, and HDD drills. Each piece of equipment is operated and maintained as per manufactures specifications, and recommendations, in addition to adhering to NSC standards as well as our in-house Repair and Maintenance schedules completed by our Journeyman Red Seal Mechanic and support staff.

Full bore is compliant with the Codes of Practice, BC OH&S legislation, and regulations, maintains good standing with WCB, and is registered with both Comply works and ISN as well as a full CORE certification.

Full Bore Contracting is also pleased to be part of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business which reflects our ongoing support efforts and involvements with our local Indigenous communities.

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Contact Name: Dallas Moore
Job Title: Vice President
Email Address: dallas@fullborehdd.ca
Phone Number: 250-261-4204


Office Address

13233 Redwood Street Charlie Lake BC, PO Box 61 Down Town
Fort St John, BC
V1J 6W7, Canada