First Peoples Group

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About First Peoples Group

The First Peoples Group (FPG) provides community-based Aboriginal knowledge and outstanding management consulting through a strong team from the First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities.

FPG clients benefit from our extensive and professional experience in industry and government throughout a wide array of public policy sectors including social development, education, service delivery and human resource development.

FPG Services include policy development, negotiation, conflict resolution, facilitation and Aboriginal Awareness training; our Aboriginal Awareness training course is without a doubt the most effective, comprehensive and professional one-day session in the country.


Contact Name: Guy Freedman
Job Title: President
Email Address: guy@firstpeoplesgroup.com
Phone Number: (613) 513-5988


Billing Address
202 – 291 Dalhousie St.
Ottawa, ON
K1N 7E5, Canada