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About Dexter Oilfield Inc.

Dexter Oilfield Inc. is an energy service company based in Pincher Creek, Alberta. Established in 2003, we offer a full range of oil and gas maintenance and safety services from labor supply to complete plant turnarounds, as well as asset management related to wells, facilities and pipelines. We have developed an extensive health and safety program and always provide highly trained professional personnel. Our mission is to provide quality and efficient work, completed in a timely and safe manner.

Dexter Oilfield offers process facility Plant and Field Maintenance Safety Services, Safety Equipment & Rentals, Supervision and Consulting, Project Management and Planning, Environmental Air Monitoring, Line Locating, Project Labour and Asset Liability Management.

Serving British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan, Dexter Oilfield is a member in good standing with ISNetworld, Complyworks and Avetta. WCB is held for each province we serve. We currently hold a Certificate of Recognition from the Alberta Assoc. for Safety Partnership and complete yearly audits. Dexter Oilfield promotes and maintains a goal of Zero Harm to People as our people are our most valuable asset.


Contact Name: Bryce Sackett
Job Title: Owner/Manager
Email Address: bryce.sackett@dexteroilfield.com
Phone Number: 403-627-4169


Billing Address
615 Main Street PO Box 543
Pincher Creek, AB T0K 1W0