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About Cancom Secuirty

Cancom Security is an Indigenous-owned, full-service national security company. We deliver world-class service to our clients (Indigenous and non-Indigenous alike), while carrying out a social mission to promote economic reconciliation. We are powered by a working partnership with some of Canada’s leading technology partners.

We are ideally suited to meet your needs as the integrator of choice given our extensive experience providing “program based” solutions for over three decades. Our relentless pioneering and unconventional forward-thinking has led to many innovations and practices that are emulated by our competitors and, once proven, become industry standards.

Given the constant and rapid evolution of technology, and its potential opportunities, we continue to invest our time and efforts into the development of the best program based solutions possible. Our multi-disciplined core competencies provide us with a unique ability to integrate and manage complete, complex solutions better than anyone else in the market.

Given contemporary offerings, we have been very successful in developing models that exceed conventional metrics and performance through effective service delivery, accurate measurements of performance, and an in-depth understanding of technology trends. That being said, the current system is very old and at risk.

Given the opportunity to demonstrate our ability and forward thinking (in regards to program-based solutions) – we could serve you in a manner that delivers reliable efficiency, pure metrics, and better protection for your clients and employees.

Our roots are in Northern Ontario where we specialize in remote industrial security, supporting businesses and municipalities with diverse needs in unique operating conditions. In 2008, our ownership identified a need in the marketplace for specialized security services. Cancom Security Group was formed, offering both a specialized guard force program and technology deployment to the mining and resource sector, and a unique operating model for First Nation partnerships.

Since 2008, Cancom has expanded in size, region, and service offerings, through organic growth and acquisitions. We now operate in five provinces and two territories including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland & Labrador, New Brunswick, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut.

Cancom security has built a reputation with clients, employees, and respective communities based on integrity and mutual respect. Our culture is to consistently treat all parties involved in our projects with honesty, dignity, and fairness. We ensure that our values are instilled within our employees, and conduct our business in accordance with the highest ethical standards. We believe in investing in our people to enable their success. Our employees receive excellent pay, benefits, and training to ensure that they are equipped to perform their duties correctly and safely.

Our unique approach to partnerships in our communities of operation distinguishes Cancom within the industry and allows the benefits of clients’ projects to be fully realized within the local community. We operate several Joint Venture and Partnership Companies, and over 70% of our workforce within those divisions live within the region. Our company had been built on meaningful partnerships with local Aboriginal groups, combining our world-class expertise, intimate knowledge of the regions where we work, and our commitment to provide training, employment, and financial opportunities for the local Aboriginal communities

Cancom Security is a partner that will offer Security Guard solutions and services with the latest technology to deliver the very best in Guard services. Cancom’s added value teamed with our Security Systems division through Cancom Advanced Integration offers the latest in innovation and technology integrated services.

The following Executive Summary outlines our methodology, contract capability and interest in pursuing your contemplated enterprise access/CCTV control solution.

  • Fully certified in many IP based CCTV solutions
  • Fully certified in most of the major Access control and biometrics.
  • Ideally suited with respect to Contract Capability and like experience
  • Experienced in large enterprise roll-outs
  • Unmatched “program based solutions” on networks, native and third party
  • Unparalleled depth of skill sets, qualification and solution design
  • Provide the most thorough design, project plan and execution schedule
  • Offer the best in-class pricing without cutting corners
  • Offer the most options with respect to managed or redundant support services
  • Develop concise, accurate and timely reporting for your enterprise
  • Full transparency regarding the technology, and its benefits as well as its shortcomings.

The world has changed dramatically during the last few years, with profound implications for our society, our government, the utilities and the intelligence required to support our communities. Our understanding of the range of issues that impact security is always evolving. Economic and environmental issues are of increasing concern and compete with traditional political and social issues for resources and attention.

 A few truths must be considered.

Our security policies and services must realistically match the threats you face. The processes we use to formulate policies and deliver services must be sufficiently flexible to facilitate change as the threat evolves.

Our security policies and practices must be more consistent and coherent, thereby reducing inefficiencies and enabling us to allocate scarce resources effectively.

Our security policies, practices, and procedures must provide the needed security at a price the client can afford.

With that in mind we follow some basic principles/recommendations:

  1. maintain, and hopefully enhance security, but at a lower cost by avoiding duplication and increasing efficiency.
  2. reduce current levels of security but in accordance with risk management principles based on a changing threat; and
  3. create new processes to formulate and oversee security policy company wide.

In the past, most security decisions have been linked one way or another to assumptions about threats. These assumptions frequently postulated an unknowing and incompetent intruder. Today’s threats are more diffuse, multifaceted, and dynamic. We also know that some vulnerabilities can never be eliminated fully, nor would the costs and benefits warrant trying. While we recognize that the consequences of some security failures are exceptionally dire and require exceptional protection measures, in most cases it is possible to balance the risk of loss or damage of disclosure against the costs of countermeasures. We can then select a mix that provides adequate protection without excessive cost in dollars and without impeding the efficient flow of information to those who require ready access to it.

Risk management requires evaluating the resource impact of proposed changes in security policies and standards. This is practically impossible with today’s accounting systems because they are not designed to collect security cost data. CANCOM/AI believes that establishing a system to capture security costs is crucial to effective streamlining and cost reduction.


As your needs continue to evolve, you need a security partner who not only understands them, but is already thinking ahead.  CANCOM® has access to traditional security solutions, and we have also developed new ways to apply them. We are constantly developing and implementing new solutions and approaches to help today’s businesses become more efficient, more effective and more secure. We are also one of the only physical security companies that truly understand the issues surrounding the convergence of physical security and information security. As more and more security directors find the need to integrate their solutions onto the IT network, CANCOM is there with a dedicated IT network team, and an unmatched level of experience in large-scale integration. In today’s business world, new risks and challenges present themselves almost daily. But you can be confident that CANCOM is already aware of those challenges, and is hard at work developing solutions to address them.

Innovations in compression algorithms are dismissing the once prohibitive and cumbersome bandwidth consumption that has, for almost a decade, discouraged WAN based security solutions.  We are leading the way as new WAN based solutions unfold.  Our solutions continue to provide opportunities in cost reductions and efficiencies for our clients by centralizing control, administration, and reporting.  They also offer the benefits of remote system diagnostics and service.

We continue to raise the bar in areas of system redundancy planning and business continuity – critical components of any security program, especially in light of heightened threat levels to government and private sector businesses throughout North America.

 CANCOM Advanced Integration has technical expertise in the following areas:

  • System Design
  • Design Engineering
  • Access Control Systems Integration
  • CCTV Systems Integration
  • Computer-based Security Systems Integration
  • Project Management
  • Installation/Testing
  • Maintenance/ Service
  • Training
  • Monitoring
  • Locksmithing

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Contact Name: Ronald Wells
Job Title: CEO
Email Address: ronald.wells@cancomsecurity.com
Phone Number: 416-994-6793


Office Address

1183 Finch Ave W
Toronto, ON
M3J 2G2, Canada