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About Cabre Oilfield Inc.

Cabre Oilfield Inc. is an independently owned and operated company based in Fort St. John, B.C., with a satellite office in Whitecourt, AB.  We specialize in Horizontal Directional Drilling, and Directional Boring.  Our business has been effectively serving a host of clientele in both the Oil and Gas sector, and Municipal Districts in Northern BC and AB since the company’s inception in 1998.

Cabre Oilfield is COR Certified in both BC and AB, and maintains memberships through ISNetworld, Complyworks, and Avetta to support its HSE Program.

Directional Drilling  – (7 Rigs) (Capability 0 – 1000 meters, 2”– 36” OD Pipe)

Our current inventory includes: (1) 2012 Vermeer model 9×13 Horizontal Directional Drill (9,000 lbs thrust and 1,300 lbs/ft of rotary torque), (2) 2012-2013 Vermeer model 60×90 Horizontal Directional Drill (60,000lbs thrust and  9,000lbs/ft of rotary torque), and (2) 2011-2012 Vermeer model 100×120 Horizontal Directional Drill (100,000 lbs thrust and 12,000 lbs/ft of rotary torque) and (1) 2015 Vermeer 220×300 Horizontal Directional Drill (220,000 lbs thrust and 30,000 lbs/ft of rotary torque).  Each unit comes complete with: Vermeer Firestick I and Firestick II drill stem, an assortment of hole openers, mud mixing system/ tool crib, and DCI F5 locators.  Each Horizontal Directional Drilling unit is wireline ready and is supported by a highway tractor/trailer, a tandem or tridem axle water truck, a portable warehouse, and crew trucks.  Rock Bits, Mud Motors, Air Hammers, Mud Reclaiming Systems, and FTS Response units are also available.

Directional Boring – (2 Rigs) (Capability 0 – 200 meters, 2”– 24” OD Pipe)

Our current inventory includes: two Culver Model 235 Directional Road Boring machines (110,000 lb thrust, 235,000 lbs pullback) complete with drill rods, assorted reamers, and Radio detection Tracking Systems.  Each unit is supported by a single axle picker truck, and a crew truck.  We also have Hydraulic Power Units that can be utilized in remote locations which are inaccessible by conventional means.

Cabre Oilfield Inc.’s focus is on a positive growth curve while maintaining its quality of service and safety.


Contact Name: Theresa Kosinsky
Job Title: Owner/Director
Email Address: theresa@cabre.ca
Phone Number: (250) 785-8380
Fax Number: (250) 785-8300


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8611 Northern Lights Drive
Fort St John, BCV1J0B4