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LinkedIn Business Specialist || Web Developer

About C & W Web Developers Inc.

Mary Watson Founder and President of C & W Web Developers is a LinkedIn Business Growth Specialist | Web Developer who helps B2B businesses grow on LinkedIn. I do this by growing their profile to All-Star status so that they can gain more visibility and attract more clients.

What is Website Design and Website Development? Are they not the same?

Website Design is what your customers will see.  A web designer looks at the overall design and how the user interacts with it.  Our web designers know how to put it together using the principles of design.  They understand usability and create a site that users can easily navigate.

Website Development is what the user does not see.  It is the programming and the interactions on the pages. C & W Web developers focus on how the site works and how the users get things done on the site. Our web developers will keep your site running effectively due to our extensive knowledge of programming languages and how forms work.


Contact Name: Mary Watson
Job Title: President
Email Address: mary@cwwebdevelopers.ca
Phone Number: (647) 428-1671


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701 Rossland Road East Suite 397
Whitby, ON L1N 9K3