Borealis Fuels & Logistics Ltd

Alberta || British Columbia || Northwest Territories || Saskatchewan || Yukon
Oil & Gas || Propane Supply || Transportation

About Borealis Fuels & Logistics Ltd

Borealis Fuels & Logistics Ltd. is a Western Canadian based company focused on the distribution and sale of propane (LPG) for domestic energy consumption. Borealis’s customers are residential, commercial, and industrial consumers. Borealis works with domestic propane producers to deliver the most cost-effective and reliable solution available to its customers.

Borealis’s number one goal is to work with local communities to provide high-quality propane to all consumers — we strive to be your go-to propane supplier. Borealis partners with local businesses to help distribute propane, which ensures that the money from propane purchased locally stays in the community!


Contact Name: Benjamin Tobber
Job Title: President
Email Address: btobber@borealisfuels.com
Phone Number: 587-480-7317