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About Blackbird Medicines

Blackbird Medicines is a sole proprietorship, 100% owned and operated by, and with the support of First Nations healers, on the unceded territory of the Omamiwininiaki. The vision began with the inherent knowledge that those in need of help should receive help. This vision grew roots in community building, safe spaces, and well-being and through an important evolution, birthed a private practice of community care. This practice includes Cultural and Spiritual Counsellors, Advisors, Facilitators and Educators and resurgence of community is at the heart of all that Blackbird Medicines can offer.

Services include consulting for numerous industries and social justice movements, life spectrum doula referrals, career mentorship, counselling, and spiritual care.

Founder Chrystal Toop operates this social enterprise to reclaim community caregiver teachings by facilitating education, leadership and entrepreneurial opportunities. Through grassroots, community-based projects such as Wananoshka Mashkiki and the Indigenous Death Doula Collective, the Blackbird Medicines’ banner continues to gain momentum across Turtle Island.


Contact Name: Chrystal Toop
Job Title: Director
Email Address: blackbirdmedicines@gmail.com


Office Address

Pembroke, ON
K8A 2K1, Canada