Birch Bark Coffee Company


About Birch Bark Coffee Company

Birch Bark Coffee is a cause-driven business whose primary existence is to improve ongoing social issues for Indigenous families with a focus on creating a positive community change. As a First Nations Entrepreneur profiting from the business was never my first intentions, however a sustainable revenue still plays an essential role in my venture. Birch Bark Coffee Company’s goal is to become a highly profitable social enterprise to ensure the foundation is a secure and sound venture. Birch Bark Coffee Company aims to inspire future aspiring Indigenous entrepreneurs interested in social enterprise as it becomes part of a new movement in business and entrepreneurship. Birch Bark Coffee Company endeavours to be a revenue-generating business with a twist that maintains a balance between Indigenous social missions and the productivity of the coffee venture.


Contact Name: Mark Marsolais-Nahwegahbow
Job Title: Founder
Email Address: mark@birchbarkcoffeecompany.com
Phone Number: (613) 407-0819


Billing Address
504 – 330 Centrum Blvd.
Orleans, ON K1E 3W2