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About Babcock Canada

With a support network spanning over 125 years and six continents, Babcock is a recognized leader in the delivery of engineering support solutions. Our experts design, build, manage, operate and maintain assets vital to the delivery of a wide assortment of mission critical services.

In the naval sector, in Canada and around the world, our teams safely and efficiently support complex and critical assets on a large scale. We ensure our customers benefit from increased asset availability, improved efficiency and significantly reduced operating and infrastructure costs.

Our Canadian team is proud to be trusted to deliver key naval in-service support for the Royal Canadian Navy. Since 2008, we have been providing platform design, integration, configuration, management services, and maintenance and waterfront support, ensuring complete lifecycle engineering support for Canada’s fleet of Victoria Class submarines.

In the aviation sector, we ensure that the aircrew trainees of our partner nations receive the world’s best flying training. We have over 1,300 pilots within Babcock, and work with air forces, navies and armies throughout Europe to deliver world class technical instruction across multiple locations and aircraft types. Our expertise in each and all the associated support elements ensures the training programme is working as one.


Contact Name: Pauline Macdonald
Job Title: Head of Procurement and Supply Management
Email Address: pauline.macdonald@babcockinternational.com
Phone Number: 778-557-1285


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