Ashtale Contracting Ltd.

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About Ashtale Contracting Ltd.

Ashtale Contracting Ltd. was founded in May 2004. Based out of Rocky Mountain House, Alberta the company is managed by Guy Garand, the President of the company.


Ashtale Contracting Ltd. is contracted in the oilfield and forest industries.

Ashtale currently operates with a manager, office manager, and up to 4 employees.


The operation uses tractor units, lowbeds with jeep, stepdeck to haul heavy equipment and access mats, Super B-train trailers to haul Access mats.  Ashtale also has Wheel Loaders with mat grapples for the installation and removal of Access mats.


The base operation and office is located 25 kilometers east of Rocky Mountain House, Alberta.  

Ashtale Contracting Ltd. will meet all of your service requirements.


Contact Name: Guy Garand
Job Title: Owner/ President
Email Address: ashtalecontracting@gmail.com
Phone Number: (403) 348-7004


Billing Address
P.O. Box 2436
Rocky Mountain House, AB
T4T 1J6, Canada