Aquila Consulting Executives Inc.

Alberta || New Brunswick
Management Consulting || Oil & Gas

About Aquila Consulting Executives Inc.


Our mission is to provide world class expertise to keep your project on schedule, within budget, inerrant, with safety as our top priority.

Project Management

Aquila will help control an entire project ranging from initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing. Our team has 10+ years of progressive management experience in the oil-and gas industry, and turnaround projects and contracts within strict industry and government standards. Our team also has experience looking after projects of up to 500 people, 350 million dollars, multiple locations and provinces simultaneously.

Quality Management

The Quality Management aspect assists with developing, auditing, and enforcing a quality program. It involves areas related to pressure equipment, civil, electrical, welding, structural, etc. Aquila can work with you on your complete quality program from field QC duties to QA program development.


Contact Name: Erica Augustine
Job Title: President/ Owner
Email Address: erica.augustine@aquilaexecutives.ca
Phone Number: 780-714-4977


Office Address

PO Box 129, Eagle Ridge PO
Fort McMurray, AB
T9K 2Y4, Canada