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About Achimostawinan Games

Business Overview

Achimostawinan Games is a video game company dedicated to developing Indigenous games for an Indigenous audience and the world while also helping Indigenous artists and communities develop interactive and digital content. Achimostawinan Games is a both product & service business.

At Achimostawinan Games, we strive to create stories that speak to you. After all Achimostawinan means, “Tell us a story” in Cree, which we believe stands for crafting new Indigenous stories for a new Indigenous audience.

Services and products offered

1. Original IP video games

2. The knowledge and expertise to help Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities, artists and groups to develop interactive digital content

Vision & Mission

1. To be a globally established video company known for unique stories and gameplay that reflects an Indigenous perspective

2. To be an established brand in the digital interactive field known for developing a quality product and a commitment to sustainable Indigenous business practices

3. To tell stories that want to be shared in a way that is neither exploitative nor harmful


Contact Name: Meagan Byrne
Job Title: Owner/ Lead Game Designer
Email Address: meagan@achimogames.ca
Phone Number: 905-818-7742


Office Address

218 Charlton Ave W
Hamilton, ON
L8P 2E2, Canada