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About 4 Directions of Conservation Consulting Services

About Us

4 Directions of Conservation Consulting (4D) is 100% owned and operated Indigenous Business. 4D is a leader in conservation ecology and indigenous engagement planning in Ontario. Our ability to speak the various regulatory languages of governments as well as use language appropriate and supportive with Indigenous governments and Indigenous community members is the key to 4D’s success. We can translate western science, into language that is meaningful, appropriate and more importantly useful to Indigenous communities. Conversely, we can also translate Indigenous knowledge systems, ecological or spiritual perspectives into language that is meaningful,  appropriate and more important useful for relationship building with governments, corporations and individuals with a stake in project development. Our ability to assist and foster communications with all Nations of people from project concept to implementation ensures that Indigenous engagement and inclusion is effective, meaningful and incorporated into all aspects of project completion.

The majority of 4D’s clients are small and medium sized municipalities, Conservation Non-profit Groups, Provincial and Federal Governments and Indigenous Communities located in central and eastern Ontario. The result of our approach is generally long-term business relationships built on a trust in our team and our services.

Our Philosophy

We are here to assist Indigenous communities with regulatory advice, negotiation relevant ecological supporting studies, ecological restoration and technical reviews or audits related to major development projects that could have a detrimental impact to Indigenous rights. We provide expertise in the following sectors:

  • Mine exploration and aggregates,
  • Hydroelectric facilities,
  • Transmission lines,
  • Transportation corridor expansions and roadways,
  • Oil and gas pipelines, and
  • Nuclear power.

We also strive to assist industry proponents. Proponents, who will look for an understanding and who are willing to embrace their responsibility to the environment, community, treaty and reconciliation.


Contact Name: Gary Pritchard
Job Title: Principal
Email Address: gpritchard@4directionsconservation.com
Phone Number: 705-220-1952


Office Address

30 Moir Cres.
Barrie, ON
L4N 8B6, Canada