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Dentons is designed to be different. The challenges that Dentons clients are navigating and the opportunities they are advancing are changing at an accelerating pace. Dentons is a law firm that embraces change and can help you grow, protect, operate and finance your organization. This is why Dentons is organized to offer more than legal insight; they help you find business solutions, in a seamless fashion, across the globe....view more
EY’s purpose is to Build a better working world. The insights and quality services that they provide help build trust and confidence in the capital markets and in economies around the world....view more
Export Development Canada (EDC) is a financial Crown corporation dedicated to helping Canadian companies of all sizes succeed on the world stage. As international risk experts, we equip Canadian companies with the tools they need – the trade knowledge, financing solutions, equity, insurance, and connections – to grow their business with confidence....view more
Export Development Canada (EDC) is a financial Crown corporation dedicated to helping Canadian companies of all sizes succeed on the world stage. As international risk experts, we equip Canadian companies with the tools they need – the trade knowledge, financing solutions, equity, insurance, and connections – to grow their business with confidence....view more
Mindfulness is a way of paying attention to whatever is happening in our lives, inside and out, in the present moment. When we connect with the present, we become aware of habitual patterns of thought, emotion and behaviour.<br /> With mindfulness, we train ourselves to pay close attention to what is going on in the present moment; just as it is. Much of our suffering is a result of regrets about the past, worries about the future or judgments about the present. When we are mindful we become aware of and explore these habitual thought patterns and ways of reacting. This attitude of curiosity allows us to create new and healthier ways of responding to life’s challenges.<br /> Mindfulness is not a religion—anyone, with any belief system, can enjoy its benefits, many of which are based in research....view more
Staff Shop is pleased to provide consulting services and to facilitate the steps in this process, as well as assisting with establishing brand language, internal processes, hiring your team and placing the right talent in the right roles. Please get in touch with us at info@staffshop.ca - you are not alone and we are here to help you with this exciting journey!...view more
7 Drivers of Growth includes People (behavior, culture, performance, innovation, leadership, rewards), Technology (Digital, Analytics, Security, Privacy) Operations (Continuous Improvement, Resilience, Sustainability), Customer (Markets, Channels, Marketing, Sales, Pricing, Customer Experience), Finance (Funding Growth, Finance Process, Control, Data and Technology management) Transactions (Strategy and Planning, Transaction Effectiveness, Partnership and Alliances) , Risk (Policies, Procedures Compliance, Governance). Growth Opportunities, Actions and Growth Strategies....view more
This toolkit provides business development supports, tools and information to help you start and operate a successful business....view more
Join Peter Brown, Canada’s Best Managed Companies co-leader for an engaging session on the Best Managed program....view more
BMC is a strategic template for developing existing or start up business models. It is a visual chart with elements describing a firm’s or product’s value proposition, infrastructure, customers, and finances....view more
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Buyers see reverse auctions as a time-saving tool that help focus on adding value to their business. BestAuction stream bidding paperwork, and routine communications so you can invest your time in growing your business....view more
Level UP is a free online platform for businesses to use work with college and university students on short paid projects. Students are paid $1,400 per 80-hr project. Projects can be anything related to the businesses’ needs (i.e. marketing, accounting, web design) and businesses don’t have to deal with payroll or paperwork. Simply sign up, post a project, and start working with students....view more
The Canada Small Business Financing Program makes it easier for small businesses to get loans from financial institutions by sharing the risk with lenders. Loans can be used to finance the following costs:...view more
Rogers For Business enables entrepreneurs across Canada. Our company was built on the dream of a pioneering entrepreneur and that spirit continues to drive the engine powering business and innovation you see today. As a valued business member, your organization is eligible for special offers. The Association Program will empower your business with connectivity solutions, wireless devices and plans along with user-friendly collaboration tools. Rogers for Business is a partner to make the impossible, possible....view more
Novo Studio is a North American leader in occupational health and safety. We take pride in our Canadian organization.</p> <p>To all leaders in Training Programs, we sure know how to engage, and empower people!<br /> Let's face it, OHS training can quickly become monotonous and boring.<br /> Hard to believe, but with Novo Studio, your employees will actually have fun completing the training.<br /> Let’s see how optimize your training dollars today!...view more
<b>Attention CCAB Certified Aboriginal Businesses (CAB).</b> Jelly Marketing and CCAB have come together to help you dive into the world of Marketing. Learn about the important aspects of social media, public relations, SEO, Google ads & analytics, Facebook and Instagram ads, all taught by industry experts....view more
Available for Ontario businesses - RAP is a series of highly practical online programs designed to help businesses digitally modernize their operations and foster growth....view more
To Canadian Indigenous businesses, UPS can offer the following support :<br /> Contact the dedicated Ambassador team at Smallbizca@ups.com or 1-844-877-7249 related to accessing the discount program....view more
Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business Members are now eligible for discounts on TELUS rate plans and hardware, including Home Services such as Internet, Optik TV, Home Phone and Smart Home Security....view more
The Centre of Mindfulness Studies is a mental health charity and a leader in developing and providing mindfulness-based group programs in Canada. We provide Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) and specialized mindfulness training to the general public, healthcare providers, and social service professionals. The Centre for Mindfulness Studies is committed to making mindfulness-based mental health services available to everyone while expanding access to those most in need. This is at the heart of the work we do. We’re offering all CCAB members a $50 discount on all of our personal programs, with the code “CCAB50”....view more
As the backbone of the Canadian economy, it is imperative that our small and medium businesses not only adjust and recover, but are also set up for success in the “new normal” future. Every decision made now, could impact a business’ ability to thrive in the future. This will require extraordinary flexibility, coordination, and resilience during what may be a protracted period of recovery....view more
Grow with Google OnAir offers free virtual workshops to help you get the most out of digital tools. Whether you own a small business or you’re searching for your next job, our Grow with Google experts and partners are here to teach you digital skills that can help you grow....view more
Google for Small Business curates the best of Google’s products, tools, and educational resources into a one-stop-shop that provides simple, actionable, personalized guidance to help small businesses (<10 employees) succeed online....view more
ShopHERE powered by Google provides free 1:1 support to small businesses to create, manage, and market their online stores....view more
Learn how the world's most agile entrepreneurs plan for now, next and beyond with the EY 7 Drivers of Growth....view more
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