Make the right decisions when providing or accepting gifts, entertainment or travel while conducting business on behalf of their employer. This sample policy also addresses your commitment to undertake business fairly with honesty and transparency. It aims to set the spirit of what is allowable and cannot cover all possibilities but relies on a common-sense and practical approach to be adopted in the interpretation of this Policy.

As a guideline when following this Policy always consider: “Would I be comfortable accepting the courtesy if it came to the attention of my executives and shareholders or the general public.”

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About Advantage Professional Services INC.

In 2005 Advantage Professional partners combined their 20 year industry careers in senior management to build a boutique Management Consulting and Business Services firm servicing businesses and communities from start-up to Top Fortune 500 Global Entities. Our teams consists of the top professionals in Legal, Finance, Regulatory, Education, HR & IT.

Our industry expertise includes: Mining, Global O&G, Power Generation, Community Investment and Private Education Infrastructure for Northern Communities to name a few of our passions. Our recommendations from long standing clients can be reviewed under each of our partners name in Linked In. Our team is especially strong in providing communities an independent legal viewpoint on regulatory requirements for major energy and rail infrastructure projects.

Integrity is our Foundation, Our Commitment to each other, our communities and our clients

We are an Aboriginal owned entity of a proud M├ętis heritage. We would love to hear your business and community challenges in hope of offering a workable solution.