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This onboarding checklist contains sample activities that are considered to be best practices for increasing new hire performance and engagement....view more
Organizations will find this sample HR checklist helpful to identify needs for improvement and enhancement for your people management. One way to ensure that all important areas are included is to develop...view more
Advantage Professional offers the following sample as guides for developing the policies and content of your own employee handbook. Your employee handbook establishes policies, procedures, benefits...view more
Advantage Professional is pleased to provide a Sample Employment Training Development policy. Use this sample to build a policy that best-fits your own business...view more
Advantage Professional offers a sample of a conflict of interest policy. When considering such a policy keep in mind it needs to have a clear statement defining conflict of interest that suits your organization’s purpose...view more
Advantage Professional has developed an example gifts and entertainment policy to help employees make the right decisions when providing or accepting gifts...view more
Advantage Professional is please to present this sample Employment Termination Checklist for your review. In each instance, this sample will help the employee exit process...view more
Effective onboarding should help new employees understand the organizational context and performance expectations. If implemented, the result should be a shortened learning curve for the onboarding employee...view more
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