This template is created specifically for Aboriginal businesses. It explains why a communications plan is needed, the key components of a communications plan, a fillable template to brainstorm ideas for a plan and then a sample table to create an implementation plan.
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About NVision Insight Group Inc.

With offices in Ottawa and Iqaluit, and a national team of associates, NVision Insight Group (an amalgamation of Stonecircle, Aarluk and Consilium Consulting) provides a comprehensive range of high quality consulting services across Canada. Our team includes First Nation, Inuit, and Métis shareholders, Indigenous staff and dozens of Inuit, First Nation, Métis associates and subcontractors.
We provide expertise in six main areas, including:

  • Planning
  • Learning
  • Policy Development
  • Communications
  • Evaluation
  • Management Support

Additional details about our company including biographies of shareholders and staff, information about our business approach, and descriptions of previous projects can be found at: