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Meet or speak with one of CIPO’s<br /> IP Advisor in your region. They can help you understand the strategic value of your IP and provide guidance as you develop your IP strategy....view more
Canadian businesses bring to the marketplace innovative ideas and designs that are as diverse as its people. Our contribution counts on our knowledge and expertise in delivering quality IP rights for patents, trademarks, copyright and industrial designs so that innovators can profit from rightful ownership....view more
Attend one of CIPO’s learning events to explore the basics of intellectual property and what creations you can protect and how....view more
Your intellectual property may be your most valuable business asset!<br /> Learn how to identify and manage your IP. Get the know-how to protect and leverage your trademarks, patents, industrial designs, copyrights and trade secrets....view more
For the typical business owner, determining whether they should incorporate their business can be a difficult proposition...view more
Forms of business organizations: a business can be carried out various forms. Most commonly, a business in Canada is conducted using a corporation. Depending on the...view more
Protection of IP: Intellectual property refers to creations of the mind, including images, symbols, designs, recipes, literary and artistic works and inventions. A business’ intellectual property is assets...view more
E-commerce law: Electronic Commerce Laws in Canada are generally governed by provincial legislation. The purpose of such legislation is to outline requirements that must be met to ensure that...view more
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