National Perspectives on Indigenous Economic Development

For more information, contact:

Max Skudra,
Director, Research & Government Relations

416.961.8663 ext. 232.

CCAB is currently conducting pillar 1 of a multi-year national research project supported by Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC). The project, National Perspectives on Indigenous Economic Development: Channeling Business Goals into Change that Works will incorporate in-person interviews with over 100 First Nation communities across Canada. This will be the most comprehensive research to date on on-reserve and urban Indigenous economies, and a key driver in understanding the current opportunities and challenges for Indigenous business.

From this research, CCAB aims to gain insight into the benefits, successes and challenges of economic development from the point of Indigenous peoples. Pillar 1 interviews will be conducted with:

  • Aboriginal Economic Development Corporations
  • Chief and Council
  • Economic Development Officers
  • Trust Officers
  • Band Administration
  • Financial Lenders (Aboriginal Financial Institutions, Private Banks and Credit Unions)

The project will begin to lay out a blueprint for understanding the current status of the Indigenous economy, aspirations and needs among the Indigenous business community, and the road to securing sustainable economic development for future generations.

To participate or learn more about the project, please contact