Promise and Prosperity (2014)

How can the findings of the Promise and Prosperity reports propel your Aboriginal small business? Communities, governments, business, and individuals are encouraged to use the research results to support the development of tools, initiatives and policies that can help to fully realize the potential of Aboriginal business in Canada.

``Four in ten Aboriginal businesses saw their revenues increase over the past year and their continues to be a high level of optimism about achieving revenue growth in the near future``

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Max Skudra,
Director, Research & Government Relations

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CCAB Promise & Prosperity: Ontario Aboriginal Business Survey

Based upon the findings of the 2014 Ontario Aboriginal Business Survey, CCAB believes the following actions – on the part of governments, financial institutions and Aboriginal entrepreneurs themselves – will help more Aboriginal businesses achieve success:

  1. Develop partnerships
  2. Support workforce development
  3. Simplify access to financing
  4. Build visible networks

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