Promise and Prosperity (2016)

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Promise and Prosperity: The 2016 Aboriginal Business Survey

The release of our third Promise and Prosperity: Aboriginal Business Survey reports was announced on Tuesday, September 27, 2016.

To address gaps and develop a better understanding of the issues facing Aboriginal business owners in Canada, the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB), with support from the Government of Canada, is pleased to release the 2016 National Aboriginal Business Survey. This updated study of Aboriginal business owners across Canada builds on previous research conducted by CCAB in 2011.

Our newest report provides insight into the profile of Aboriginal businesses and their owners—where they operate, who their clients are and who they employ. It explores their business goals and outlook for the future, asks what is holding them back and who they are reaching out to, and suggests what governments and other supporters can do to help more Aboriginal businesses achieve success.

This research shows that Aboriginal entrepreneurs are motivated by a desire to innovate, expand and profit from their businesses, but also face unique challenges to their growth and development. A better understanding of these realities by business and governments, combined with the optimism of Aboriginal business owners creates unlimited opportunities for everyone.