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PAR Companies

PAR Companies

PAR Gold   |  PAR Silver  |  PAR Bronze   |  PAR Committed

PAR companies are large corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises as well as Aboriginal businesses, and range from industries in oil and gas to food and facilities management to financial services, IT and more.

Companies promote their level with a PAR logo signaling to communities that they are good business partners, great places to work and are committed to prosperity in Aboriginal communities.


PAR Gold companies demonstrate sustained leadership in Aboriginal relations and their commitment to working with Aboriginal businesses and communities has built the business case that other companies aspire to prove. Their introduction of innovative programs and engagement of Aboriginal people have made an enduring impact on Aboriginal businesses and communities, and demonstrate best practice for those companies introducing Aboriginal relations to their business strategy or seeking to improve year over year.


PAR Silver companies have had their business case proved through their Aboriginal relations; business partnerships are in place; Aboriginal people are adding value at their workplace; and they are supporting sustainability through investment in communities and people. PAR Silver companies recognized early the value of working with Aboriginal communities and can point to outcomes that have made a difference.


PAR Bronze companies are distinguishable among thousands of Canadian businesses because they recognize the business case for working with Aboriginal businesses and communities. Their strategic planning recognizes the mutually-beneficial impact of business development with Aboriginal-owned businesses, the value that Aboriginal people bring to the workplace, and the potential of Aboriginal communities. PAR Bronze companies are beginning a journey, developing the goals and action plans that position them to work with the Aboriginal community.

PAR Committed companies are in the beginning stages of tracking and managing their Aboriginal relations strategies. Committed companies have submitted a report for one year’s worth of company activities and intend to undergo external verification of their performance in the future. The Committed logo represents a company’s commitment to continual improvement in Aboriginal relations and to working across cultures.

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