Woodruff Payroll Solutions Inc.


About Woodruff Payroll Solutions Inc.

Woodruff Payroll Solutions Inc. has the special skills and knowledge to analyze what your business is doing right and what it’s not doing right. Our company does more than just payroll; we look at your whole business and find where the value is. If you need to grow your business, we have the tools to make it grow. WPS crunches the numbers and talks to you like a partner – while producing all the financial statements that keeps the Canada Revenue Agency, Workers’ Compensation Board, and other parties happy. Mr. Vincent Woodruff, CPM operates the business brings over 15 years experience as a Payroll Specialist in small, medium and large-sized organizations.  He holds a Certified Payroll Manager’s designation by the Canadian Payroll Association.


Contact Name: Vincent Woodruff
Job Title: Owner
Email Address: vincew@rogers.com
Phone Number: 416-826-8419


Billing Address

37 Pachino Boulevard

Scarborough, ON

M1R4J6, Canada