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About Universal Geomatics Solutions Corp.

UGSC is one of the industry leaders in surveying for big inch pipelines. Our field staff and analysis teams have worked on some of Alberta’s highest profile crude oil pipelines in a range of capacities.We have experience in every step of the pipeline development process from route investigation and site planning, to digital mapping and engineering surveys, permits and applications assistance, preconstruction and As-Built, Reclamation and Integrity. For large diameter pipeline projects, UGSC provides in-field project management, pipeline design layout, weld mapping and pipe reconciliation, 3D pipe as-build, and survey support for all project disciplines. We understand the challenges and priorities associated with pipeline development and construction and will service you with the following:

  • Application Assistance
  • Legal, Construction, And As-Built Surveys
  • Auto Alignment Generation
  • Integrity Program Support
  • Front End Engineering and Design Survey Support
  • Mapping and GIS Data Compilation Support
  • LiDAR and Remote Sensing Acquisition and
    Analysis Support

Universal Geomatics Solutions Corp. (UGSC) has over 29 years of experience servicing the Oil & Gas Industry. Over that time UGSC has grown and evolved into a high-performance, innovative consulting firm providing comprehensive survey, geomatics, and project management services to a variety of industries.

UGSC has a proven safety record, and is registered with the following three HSE contractor prequalification databases. We have had our safety program reviewed by each of them and are in good status with all three databases.

  • ISNetworld
  • ComplyWorks
  • PICS

UGSC also has the following
safety items available:

  • COR Certificate
  • WCB Clearance Letter
  • WCB Worksafe Experience Rating
  • UGSC Safety Manual and Safety
    Training Program
  • Annual TRIF Numbers


Contact Name: Greg Boggs
Job Title: President
Email Address: gboggs@ugsc.ca
Phone Number: (780) 454-3030


Billing Address
15111 123 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5V 1J7