Timmins Mechanical Solutions Inc


About Timmins Mechanical Solutions Inc

Timmins Mechanical Solutions is a privately owned by Chad Tolonen: specializing in the repairs/refurbishing/diagnostic of heavy equipment/ heavy equipment sales and components sales (Ringers Heavy Equipment Parts also owned by CT). Our newly built shop was completed in June of 2020 to better service our customers. The new 12000 sq. ft. shop has seven bays, two 10-ton bridge/cranes, 24-foot door clearances and can accommodate up to 150-ton trucks and or 15yd loaders. We can rebuild any mobile mechanical systems and have the specialized staff and technology for any brand of equipment. Our staff are available to meet your on-site requirements and the fleet of service and lube trucks are available to travel anywhere within Northern Ontario. Our Sany equipment line up is strong and forever growing to be a household name in north America ranked 2nd largest equipment manufacturer in the world. https://youtu.be/SuJGXTFDqj8

We are constantly growing to meet all our clients need.

“No time for downtime”


Contact Name: Eddy Lamontagne
Job Title: Director of Sales & Business Development
Email Address: Eddy@timminsmechanicalsolutions.com
Phone Number: 705-288-1107


Office Address

4539 Hwy 101 West
Timmins, ON
P4R 0E3, Canada