Techno Metal Post Hamilton-Durham Inc.


Techno Metal Post Hamilton-Durham Inc.

Techno Metal Post supplies and installs helical piles. Helical piles (or screw pile) is a giant metal screw that is installed in the ground by one of our certified technicians. They are screwed into the ground with our proprietary machinery until the exact bearing capacity for your structure is reached.  The machines provide you with an accurate measurement which is tested & validated right on site, ensuring the foundation of your structure is solid and secure. Our posts are designed, engineered, and tested to the highest standards to ensure they withstand the toughest loads and conditions possible. One of the major challenges a helical pile foundation must face is resisting ground movements. When the ground moves, it tends to pull or push on the shaft of the pile. Techno Metal Post designed and developed this proprietary green-coloured sleeve that reduces the grip of ground movements on the pier. Once in place, the sleeve slides up and down the pile with natural ground movements. It allows the pile to remain perfectly stable during freezing, thawing or drought periods. Our helical piles are perfect for all kinds of applications, they are cost-effective, and easy to install.


Contact Name: Roger Lauzon
Job Title: President
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