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About Summit Property Group


Founded in 1997 by Thomas Sanderson as a family-owned business, Summit Property Group has enjoyed steady, well managed growth over the past 20 years. Through thoughtful strategic planning Summit has avoided the temptation to try to be all things to all people.  We are selective in the work we choose to undertake and stick with what we do best: providing an exceptional standard of professional Total Property Management (TPM) services for a manageable portfolio of government, institutional, and non-profit social housing providers primary in the Province of Alberta.


Summit’s core business is a “not for profit” business model and has been and continues to be dedicated to serving the property management and maintenance needs of government, institutional, and Social Housing, managers, operators, and tenants. A summary of the organization’s range of services is listed below.


Summit Property Group has grown and expanded from a modest family-run enterprise into a stable, successful business by providing a wide range of TPM services to a diverse clientele, every season of every year. We are committed to growing and improving our methods and ways of service delivery.

Our disciplined business model provides that we undergo a thorough analysis to ensure consistency with our core values and competencies as well as a realistic appraisal of the cost of additional personnel and resources required before taking on new business – however attractive it may first appear. This selective approach ensures that we stick to what we do best and have the focus and resources required to provide the kind of service that our chosen clients deserve and have come to know they can expect from Summit Property Group.


Contact Name: Tom Sanderson
Job Title: Managing Director
Email Address: tsanderson@spgmgt.com
Phone Number: 403-605-1934


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