Summerhill Group Inc.

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About Summerhill Group Inc.

Empowering customers through a journey of awareness and understanding leads to greater energy savings.  The client-centric approach we have perfected focuses on changing the way your customers see and use energy.  We’ve proven the reliability of that approach over our 25 years of developing programs that improve the customer experience all across North America.

Our experience, our insights and our tireless passion – energized by Summerhill’s Local Team Advantage– has helped our clients to:

  • engage more than a million consumers
  • conserve 327 million kilowatt-hours of energy
  • save 6 billion litres of water
  • sell over 3 million energy-efficient products


Contact Name: Ersilia Serafini
Job Title: President & CEO
Email Address: eserafini@summerhill.com
Phone Number: (416) 922-2448 x 368


Billing Address

30 Commercial Road
Toronto, ON M4G 1Z4