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About Stardust Clothing and Accessories

Stardust Clothing and Accessories was created to build a platform in which creating was celebrated and to help people explore many art forms and not be limited by any. We have created many diverse products and continue to expand alongside modern trends. We create tie dye clothing, manufacture multiple styles of clothing and accessories, including but not limited to: ribbon skirts, hoodies, dance outfits, purses, wallets. We also have built a pattern and manufactured several tipi’s. We have also done classes and want to continue to inspire indigenous youth to follow their dreams to fuel their souls. “You can do anything here; the only prerequisite is that it makes you happy.” – Bob Ross


Contact Name: Natasha Seeseequasis
Job Title: Owner/Designer/Seamstress
Email Address: stardust.clothing.accessories@gmail.com
Phone Number: 306-261-0729


Office Address

1926 Easthill
Saskatoon, SK
S7J 3C5, Canada