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Environmental Remediation Contracting

About Seyem’Qwantlen Construction Ltd./Milestone Environmental Contracting Inc.”

Seyem’Qwantlen Construction Ltd./Milestone Environmental Contracting Inc. is a leading Indigenous environmental contracting company majority owned by Kwantlen First Nation through Seyem Qwantlen Construction Ltd. We specialize in soil and groundwater remediation, habitat restoration and compensation, heavy civil construction, decommissioning and reclamation.

Our team has built an impressive reputation for delivering projects that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. We apply the right people, technology, and equipment to get the job done, and adapt to ever changing conditions in the field to ensure the project stays on track. Since the inception of our company in 2017 we have successfully executed the remediation of a former industrial site and designed and constructed a leachate treatment system at a former industrial and commercial landfill, and our portfolio continues to expand.

We are committed to establishing sound relationships and working collaboratively with our clients and other Indigenous communities through all planning and project phases. It is in the spirit of partnership that we explore and pursue all opportunities for Indigenous inclusion and capacity building as it relates to the project scope and beyond, and includes, but is not limited to, training, employment, subcontracting, procurement, and various business ventures.


Contact Name: Gavin Domitter
Job Title: Indigenous Relations & Business Development
Email Address: GavinD@milestoneenv.ca
Phone Number: (604) 328-5012


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