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About SandiBoucher.com

Sandi Boucher creates space for … Indigenous perspective, healing and growth, dumb questions and difficult conversations, reconciliation and empowerment for the men and women she serves.

An Ojibwe woman who knows full well the devastation of colonialism, alcoholism and domestic violence, it is her wisdom, her experience, and her metaphors that have made Sandi Boucher an internationally recognized and much-loved speaker. A proud member of Seine River First Nation, Sandi began her speaking career in 2009. Now more than a decade later, Sandi continues to use conversational English, personal stories, and humour to empower men and women of all cultural backgrounds.

Whether it is in seminar, via video, in a thought-provoking blog post or through a page in one of her best-selling books, Sandi consistently encourages her participants. And through it all she is a shining example, for she has personally climbed out of a world of poverty and violence into a life where happiness and success are the norm and she wants nothing less for YOU!

Sandi’s audiences have included elementary, secondary, and post-secondary schools; colleges and universities; First Nation communities and agencies; mainstream municipalities and businesses, along with countless national, international, and regional conferences.


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