Ritepro Corporation


About Ritepro Corporation

Ritepro Corporation, a Subsidiary of Bray International, is a Company dedicated to the global nuclear power market. Together with our Parent Company and numerous Partnerships, industry expertise and global resources, Ritepro supplies a wide range of products, including: Valves (ball, butterfly, check, diaphragm, gate, globe, regulator, solenoid) and actuation/ controls, strainers, chillers, heat exchangers, dampers, ductwork/ ancillary components, cables, limit switches, proximity sensors, resistance temperature detectors, thermowells, pressure/ temperature transmitters and fiber optic network components. 75% of Ritepro’s business is Engineered Solutions, not off-the-shelf items. We take pride in finding innovative solutions to satisfy all Customer requirements.


Contact Name: Bill Potter
Job Title: Business Development Manager
Email Address: bill.potter@ritepro.com
Phone Number: (514) 545-2205


Billing Address

10250 Parkway Blvd
Montreal, Quebec H1J 2K4