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About Ridge National Inc.

At Ridge National, we are industry aces.

Ridge National is the lead corporation in a group of seasoned construction-based companies working collaboratively with a primary focus on achieving its clients expectations, with quality projects delivered on time and on budget. Ridge National Inc. construction partners include Erie Sand & Gravel Ltd., SLR Contracting and Loaring Construction.

The foundational constituents of Ridge National have been heavily involved in all aspects of institutional, commercial, and industrial construction, infrastructure works and renewable energy projects. Ridge National and its affiliated companies service the needs of their clients with an employee base exceeding 250 highly qualified individuals owning over 150 pieces of advanced heavy construction equipment.

Erie Sand and Gravel Limited has been in the business of aggregate production in Essex County for over 40 years. Their long­standing and strong relationships with the MNR and MOE will be invaluable in new construction projects.

SLR Contracting (including its predecessor corporations) has been providing superior civil construction services for over 25 years, focusing primarily on the construction of roads, bridges, and deep watermain/sewer services. SLR is a flexible and dependable contractor with extensive experience interacting with municipal and provincial government units, including permitting, MOE, MNR, and MTO.

Loaring Construction has been an accomplished general contractor in Essex County for over 70 years. Loaring has successfully and efficiently undertaken industrial, commercial, and institutional projects and has an abundance of experience interacting with local officials and regulators.

Our accomplished team proficiently and successfully self-performs in a number of diverse areas, including electrical, mechanical, heavy civil, manufacturing, and maintenance, with a strong focus on wind energy. We travel all over Canada to meet our clients’ needs, whether it be general construction, construction management, design build or EPC/BOP. We see each diverse project through, from start to finish, while providing a single point of contact. We thrive on eliminating client stress by personally and directly managing every project detail and job component, fully, efficiently, and adeptly.

At Ridge National, we are client-focused. In addition to prioritizing exceptional service to our direct clients, we also act as a subcontractor for other EPC companies to help them to better serve their clients.

At Ridge National, we are a special projects group—our team actively seeks out and confidently rises to the challenge of non-conventional jobs from which our competition might shy away. Our company’s strong core is comprised of skilled professionals with expansive experience and comprehensive knowledge in a wide variety of trades, fields, and market sectors.

At Ridge National, we build—we build relationships, we build green energy, we build quality.


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