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About Red Wolf Mediation

David Noganosh is a Mediator, Negotiator and Trainer from the Anishinabek Nation, Wolfclan. He is the Principal and Founder of Red Wolf Mediation, a company he founded in February 2012 and is named after his son’s spirit name.

His firm provides Mediation, Mediation Training, Negotiation, Workplace Restoration and Facilitation to First Nation communities, Corporations, as well as the Private and Non Profit Sectors Worldwide. He joined St. Stephen’s Conflict Resolution & Training in 2008 where he was an Associate Mediator and Trainer from 2009-2013. St. Stephens Community House utilizes a Transformative Mediation model that stresses interest-based problem solving.

David has mediated numerous organizational, landlord/tenant, community, neighbourhood disputes. He has honed his skills and expertise as a facilitator for many mediation trainings, town hall meetings and conflict resolution workshops to various stakeholders in the private and nonprofit sector.

David brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to parties in dispute. Please don’t hesitate to connect!

Specialties: Mediation, Negotiation and Training


Contact Name: David Noganosh
Job Title: Principal and Founder
Email Address: redwolfmediation@gmail.com
Phone Number: 437-778-1200


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