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About Pimee Well Servicing LP

Pimee Well Servicing LP is 100% owned by Six First Nations in North Eastern Alberta. We have been in operation since 1984 and have become a leader in the Well Servicing industry with our fleet of singles, doubles and continuous rod rigs. In addition, Pimee Well also has a fluid shot and TMX division providing down hole services to the energy industry.

Pimee Well Servicing LP values the importance of providing quality and efficient services while promoting a strong safety culture for its employees. We are proud to employ and promote our workforce of which 97% are Indigenous who not only come from our Six Shareholder communities, but from Western Canada. Our vision is and always will be a company that promotes a high standard of safety, competitiveness and quality services to the oil and gas industry by developing and retaining a skilled Indigenous workforce.


Contact Name: Sandy W. Jackson
Job Title: Industry Relations-Business Development
Email Address: sandy.j@pimee.com
Phone Number: (780) 826-6392


Billing Address

P.O Box 39
Kehewin, Alberta
T0A 1C0