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About Pimee Well Servicing LP

Since inception in 1984, Pimee Well Servicing has been an Aboriginal leader in the Oil & Gas industry in Service Rig services. Pimee stresses the importance of employing and providing equal opportunity for aboriginal members.

PIMEE WELL SERVICING LP. is a very successful oilfield service company, committed to the development of expertise in the aboriginal peoples of six First Nations Bands in the northeastern portion of the Province of Alberta, in Canada. Our vision is, and will continue to be, to provide safe, competitive, high-quality services to the oil & gas industry by developing and maintaining skilled Aboriginals in a spirit of harmony, while asking only for equal opportunity.

PIMEE WELL SERVICING LP. is 100% aboriginally owned company, by a group of six First Nations Bands. They are: Beaver Lake First Nation, Frog Lake First Nation, Heart Lake First Nation, Kehewin Cree Nation, Saddle Lake First Nation and Whitefish (Goodfish) Lake Band #128. The Chiefs of each band make up the Board of Directors and each holds a single vote with respect to business decisions.


Contact Name: Sandy W. Jackson
Job Title: Industry Relations-Business Development
Email Address: sandy.j@pimee.com
Phone Number: (780) 826-6392


Billing Address

P.O Box 39
Kehewin, Alberta
T0A 1C0