Information Technology

About OnNation

OnNation is a 100% Indigenous owned Company that focuses on bringing its considerable experience as a contract service provider to both the public and private sector.

A no-nonsense consulting practice that delivers results OnNation specializes in customizing large scale program management applications for any size business on time and on budget.

OnNation also can protect all of your data assets with implementation of leading edge date centric security software used by top levels of Canadian Government and Defence organizations

Our goal is to be able to offer any Indigenous person who is interested in starting a business or self employment a “readymade” opportunity with NO FRANCHISE FEES, NO FINANCIAL COMMITMENTS, and NO ROYALTIES. With the exception of Desire to succeed, the established business model that we can offer will eliminate ALL of the inherent issues that are usually prevalent for anyone wanting to start a business, whether it be full time, or even part time”. – Barry Payne, Founder


Contact Name: Barry Payne
Job Title: President
Email Address: bpayne@onnation.ca
Phone Number: (705) 243-9668


Billing Address
168 Paudash Street
Hiawatha, ON K9J 0E6