Nova Water of Canada

Waste Water Services and Technology

About Nova Water of Canada

Nova Water of Canada is a First Nation owned and controlled entity brining revolutionary wastewater technology to First Nations and remote communities. Our technology replaces outdated, costlier and less environmentally-friendly traditional wastewater infrastructure. It can be installed in remote locations, is modular, scalable, captures greenhouse gas emissions, and has reduced capital and operational costs – especially reduced electricity needs. We can ensure access to clean water in a variety of applications including agriculture, industrial, food processing, and municipal.

Founded to address the lack of safe drinking water for First Nation communities and municipalities in Canada, we deliver the expertise, innovative technology and knowledge to ensure a safe and secure water treatment system.


Contact Name: Carl Ninine
Job Title: Owner and Director
Email Address: carl@novawatercanada.com
Phone Number: 306-980-9861


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1010 4th Street E
Saskatoon, SK