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Indigenous Virtual Mental Wellness Counselling

Counselling has been an important part of an Indigenous wholistic approach to wellness for our
communities since time immemorial. From parents and grandparents advising other family members to community leaders providing guidance to community members, counseling has always been a natural part of the human experience.

Counselling and mental wellness support can be a healthy action for everybody. It is important to realize that it is normal to not always feel 100% comfortable discussing our innermost difficulties with the people in our inner circle (like family and close friends).

Visiting a counsellor on a personal basis allows you to speak your truth confidentially and without filters. Our Indigenous care providers act as a support system that allow you to speak in whatever way you need in order to find healing. Our circle of care providers help people understand the roots of their challenges and can help people move forward in healthier ways.

Our circle of all-Indigenous care providers use a variety of approaches to help people move forward in their journeys.

Virtual counselling means that you and the care provider are not physically in the same room. You can meet with your counsellor either online (through our phone or web app), or via telephone.

The Noojimo app allows you to connect privately and confidentially to your Indigenous counsellor from anywhere that you have a wireless connection. If your connection speed is not fast enough to support video (generally 5MBps at a minimum), it can be easily turned off leaving you and your counsellor to talk on the phone or through your computer privately.

Virtual counselling eliminates the need to physically visit a clinic or health centre, and can be helpful when current supports available are either not meeting your wellness needs or are hard to access (distance, or lack of availability for example). Virtual counselling also currently allows us to protect one another from the COVID-19 pandemic, while ensuring that you and the people you care about have access to the support that you need.


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