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Next Level Prevention Inc.

Alberta || British Columbia
Business Services || Oil & Gas

About Next Level Prevention Inc.

Next Level Prevention is a well-connected management company aligned with key partners in the energy industry to connect energy providers and suppliers.

The Alberta government introduced a program in April 2020 that provides grants to oil field service contractors to abandon operators wells and pipelines as well as reclamation and remediation work. The program also benefits the oil and gas companies by reducing their liabilities and ultimately improving their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) rating. Next Level Prevention can play a major role in the grant application process on behalf of the operator and manage all services and project costs. We are positioned to participate in periods 5 & 6 as outlined by the Alberta government’s site reclamation program, to align oil companies and the indigenous community services, to be sure all parties’ needs are met.

Great success and profitability require a skilled teamed approach to identify and plan your needs to achieve you goals for maximum results.

Keywords: Oil & Gas, Energy Industry, Natural Resources, Project Management, Consultant, Engineering


Contact Name: April Phippen
Job Title: Managing Director
Email Address: admin@next-levelp.com
Phone Number: 403-991-0445


Office Address:

10-34 Wrangler Place
Rocky View, AB