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Nakanagis Inc.

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Management Consulting

Nakanagis Inc.

Nakanagis Inc. is a proud Indigenous owned Canadian consulting company that provides superior services to organizations.

Our work builds on the executive experience of our team leading transformational change management strategies of progressive organizations. We are driven by a strong passion & commitment to social justice and inclusive work environments.

Nakanagis Inc. provides tailored approaches and solutions to companies, businesses and corporate executives by understanding their unique needs and direction. Services include:

  • Advice and support to organizations and through facilitation, strategic planning, committee work, key note speaking and development of work planning.
  • Building awareness of organizational opportunities through reviewing organizational policies, existing vision & mission and creating space for conversation with leadership teams.
  • Gap analysis and risk management review to assess organizational readiness for expansion planning and leveraging economies of scale internally and externally.
  • Advancing priorities of organizations and companies with building partnerships, community outreach, stakeholder engagement and innovative collaborative approaches.
  • Specialization in tailored approach for Indigenous Not-for-Profit (NFP) organizations to uniquely address community priorities, organizational development and strategic growth.
  • Professional development for staff and board of directors including governance training.
  • Support to existing project management and executive advisory and enhancing best practices strategies in human resource management reflected in policies and practice.

Based in Ottawa and with strong roots tied to Thunder Bay in Northwestern Ontario, Nakagais Inc. provides expertise and understanding of the infrastructure and networks of Indigenous organizations and communities in Canada.

Keywords: Facilitation, Community Engagement, Strategic Advice, Indigenous Inclusion, Organizational Review, Board Training, Staff Professional Development


Contact Name: Carey Calder
Job Title: Founder | Principal
Email Address: careycalder@gmail.com
Phone Number: 613.720.4066


Office Address

22 – 323 Coventry Road
Ottawa ON
K1K 3X6