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About MR&Co

At MR&Co, we believe that the ability to develop and nurture positive relationships between First Nations communities and organizations, while addressing potential conflicting interests, is critical to the success of projects. Our approach to community engagement is grounded in respect. We respect and understand the rights of First Nations Peoples. We respect cultural differences. We understand and appreciate the ongoing impacts of colonialism and their influence on engagement and partnership.

Our team has a long history working at the intersections of First Nations communities, governments and industry partners. We provide strategy development, community engagement and project-based support to leaders, organizations and teams who are looking to engage with First Nations Peoples, communities and businesses. We provide economic and community development support to First Nations to promote the sustainable development of healthy communities.

Our goal is to help ensure that the billions of dollars worth of potential economic and community development initiatives, that have the potential to positively impact the lives of tens of thousands of people, are realized in respectful, mutually beneficial ways.


Contact Name: Randi Ray
Job Title: Managing Partner
Email Address: r@mrandco.ca
Phone Number: (705) 690-8423


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