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Alberta || Ontario
Mining || Oil & Gas

About Mohawk Specialty Services

Mohawk Specialty Services is a business that intends to bring indigenous communities and our services together to provide work opportunities that may otherwise not be available, such as work placement trade education and community engagement. Mohawks services are offered in many provinces in Canada; therefore, providing the opportunity to work with multiple communities as well as bring employees into other regions for training and work experience.

As the director of Mohawk, I have been lucky enough to work with some great clients that have been very flexible in bringing on new contractors and services, I am very grateful for these opportunities.

Below are the direct services that Mohawk offers, as well as some services that are offered through partnerships allowing us to offer a larger capacity when needed.

  • Contract Management
  • Torque and Tension – Joint Integrity
  • Field Machining
  • Hydro-testing and Isolation
  • Pipe Cutting up to 102″
  • Composite Wrap repair – https://www.youtube.com/watch?y=ZGlbUzg-SMA
  •  Specialized large tank cleaning – Degas & De-bulk, Final entry Cleaning – https://youtube.com/watch?y=o11oV0Cwx7l
  • Cold Tapping
  • Production Chemical
  • Pumping and Dewatering
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Fire and Flood
    • Large diesel and electric pumps from 6″ to 12″
    • We have over 200km of hose to move water over long distances
    • Over 120 field techs ready to be deployed
    • Aqua-barrier dam


Contact Name: Martin Carver
Job Title: Director
Email Address: martin@mohawkspecialtyservices.ca
Phone Number: 780-813-1011


Office Address

PO BOX 187
Kehwin, AB
T0A 1C0, Canada