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British Columbia
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About "Little Miss Chief" Gourmet Products Inc.

“Little Miss Chief” Gourmet Products Inc. is in the business of Wholesale/Marketing gourmet wild pacific smoked salmon products marinated in dry white wine. The products are thermally processed in a retort pouch, contain no preservatives, require no refrigeration until opened, and are shelf stable for a minimum of five years. “Little Miss Chief” proudly focuses on ensuring that “First Nations Culture and Traditions” are kept alive, by the use of her Aboriginal family recipe for brining her salmon, but also adds a touch of modern day technology and packaging. Thanks to the Scientists who invented the retort pouch, for helping me to offer a “gourmet food” (no refrigeration until opened) for the whole world to enjoy. Product is available in beautiful sleeve packaging or the “Tradition & Legend” collection of Knotty Cedar Boxes each containing an insert with a story of the legends. “Little Miss Chief’s products are available domestically, nationally and internationally and has been exported to the USA, Spain & Poland, Netherlands, and Switzerland. Ellen is aggressively pursuing other international markets. Processing Plant is registered with all necessary Authorities in Canada, USA, & Europe therefore Export ready.


Contact Name: Ellen Melcosky
Job Title: President and CEO
Email Address: lmchief@telus.net
Phone Number: (250) 768-6977
Fax Number: (250) 768-9946


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#128-2440 Old Okanagan Hwy.,
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